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  • P.E.T. Document Satchel.

    P.E.T. Document Satchel.

    Our PET Document Satchel is eco-friendly and easy going.Made using recycled PET bottles, it features contrasting flap and side release clips.

  • 100% P.E.T. Document Satchel.

    100% P.E.T. Document Satchel.

    Made using 100% recycled PET bottles, the PET Satchel is casual

  • Eco Jute Tote

    Eco Jute Tote

    An eco-friendly tote made from Juco, a new and exciting material technology combining the strength and natural properties of jute with the finishing and texture of cotton fabric

  • Eco Jute Tote with wide gusset

    Eco Jute Tote with wide gusset

    A tote bag great for a wide variety of applications such as beachgoing, picnicking, gifting, grocery shopping, storage and more. An extremely strong, durable fabric with eco-friendly qualities.

  • Triton Cooler

    Triton Cooler

    Built tough for regular use in the outdoor environment. Ideal for any conditions!

  • Eco Jute 1 Bottle Wine Bag

    Eco Jute 1 Bottle Wine Bag

    Made with durable Jute and canvas fabrics, it will absorb moisture and allow airflow. The single bottle carrier is perfect for a wide variety of applications and is tough and eco-friendly.

  • Eco Jute 2 Bottle Wine Bag

    Eco Jute 2 Bottle Wine Bag

    Made with eco-friendly durable Jute and canvas fabrics which absorb moisture and allow airflow, along with a centre bottle divider makes this two bottle carrier perfect for a wide variety of applications.

  • Economy Satchel

    Economy Satchel

    Sturdy and business-like, the Economy Satchel is ideal for people on the move.

  • Eco Charger

    Eco Charger

    Mini solar torch

  • Non-woven Shopping Tote

    Non-woven Shopping Tote

    Great for groceries, picnic supplies, sports events and tour groups – versatile, convenient and environmentally friendly.

  • PET Woven Bag

    PET Woven Bag

    Go Eco-Choice, the solution to any environmentally, conscious conference candidate with 90% recycled PET non-woven fabric.

  • Eco Rio Sports Bottle

    Eco Rio Sports Bottle


  • Eco-Clip


    Office Accessories

  • Eco-Friendly Notebook

    Eco-Friendly Notebook

    Note Books & Pads

  • Eco Jotter With Pen

    Eco Jotter With Pen

    Note Books & Pads

  • Eco-Pen



  • Bamboo Pen

    Bamboo Pen


  • Eco-Book B5

    Eco-Book B5

    Note Books & Pads

  • Eco-Book A5

    Eco-Book A5

    Note Books & Pads

  • Eco-Note


    Note Books & Pads

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